Aggregation for VoD Platforms

Aggregation for VoD Platforms

UMW’s main activity is to act as a feature film aggregator and ensure the operational, editorial, marketing and financial interfaces between the rights-holders and the VoD platforms.

UMW facilitates the process of releasing and exploiting feature films and closely curates their marketing and editorial positioning in order to maximise their visibility on our partner VoD platforms.


An International Network

Through its various local representatives*, UMW develops its aggregator activity on an international level with the following objectives :

Allow national productions to be locally present on the most important VoD platforms such as iTunes,
Thanks to our network, to propose one-stop-shop solutions for international digital distribution in all territories where we are operational,
Our local presence allows for an adapted commercial and marketing approach in direct relation with the platforms.

(*) Representations in France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Benelux, Scandinavia, Spain, United States, Canada, Latin America, Pan-Asia, Japan.


UMW distributes movies in more than 100 countries through the global platform

January 2011

Under the Milky Way is an iTunes-approved aggregator for feature films and theatrically released documentaries. Since February 2011, UMW was granted the “preferred aggregator” status.

April 2011

In April 2011, UMW signed a worldwide agreement with SONY ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK to provide Cinema contents for their VoD services (PlayStation, PSP, Media Go, BRAVIA TV Connected).

November 2011

As of November 2011, UMW is referenced by GOOGLE as a worldwide movies aggregator for their Youtube/Android VoD services.

June 2013

Since June 2013, UMW is a partner of the Amazom platform for the ‘Amazon Instant Video’ service (transactional video) in the US, and soon in various other territories.


In 2014, Under the Milky Way became worldwide partner for providing content.


In 2015, Under The Milky Way became content provider for Xbox.


In 2017, Under The Milky Way became content provider for Playster.


In 2017, Under The Milky Way became content provider for Rakuten TV.

Local platforms

In 2015, Under The Milky Way initiated distribution agreements with key platforms on a national/local basis:

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